Training Program of NSMART'

The faculty members of Commerce stream of Gwalior Glory High School, got the golden opportunity to utilize their time during lockdown as they participated in the training program of NSMART- two days online workshop organized by CBSE in partnership with NSE. The training was about shares and trading in the normal market and in derivatives market. The teachers were told about the various prices on which the shares can be purchased and sold. Detailed information about future and options of market was brilliantly delivered. It was a focused session which provided a practical approach and perception about share-trading. The objective of the webinar was to orient Commerce teachers about the skill subject Financial Markets Management at +2 level.

Webinars on ‘Problem Solving Tools and Techniques’

Teachers of Gwalior Glory High School had the golden opportunity to utilize their time in the best productive way in the wake of the lockdown due to the Covid 19 outbreak by registering themselves for series of Online Training and Webinars on ‘12 Steps of Problem Solving’ and ‘Problem Solving Tools and Techniques’.
The Quality Circle and its Problem Solving tools are highly acclaimed to improve and develop various supervisory skills like leadership, problem solving, inter-personal and conflict resolution and to utilize individual imaginative, creative and innovative skills through participation, creating and developing work interest, including problem solving techniques etc.

Achievement of these objectives effectively requires the use of certain techniques that were elaborately focused and discussed under the guidance of top officials of QCFI.

Webinars on Webinar on ‘Synthetic Phonics’

English teachers of the school attended webinar on Synthetic Phonics conducted by Macmillan Education. The resource person was Charlotte Rance. It was a short and focused session which gave all necessary tips to teach phonics to kids and emphasized on –
• A good teacher is always a good learner.
• Utilize Lockdown period to polish and recharge yourself as a proficient teacher.
• Practicing Phonics is one of the essential parts of teaching basics of English.
• Synthetic Phonics is a method of teaching reading that ensures all children learn to read quickly and skillfully.
• Children are taught the correspondences between sounds (phonemes) and letters.
• Learning phonics helps children decipher words.
• It expands a child's vocabulary and encourages children to recognize text fluently.
• It also enables stronger reading comprehension and boosts writing ability.

Webinar on ‘Sacred Geography & Cosmic Geometry of Holy Places of Bharat’

A very informative and interesting live session by Prof Rana P.B .Singh of Banaras Hindu University on the topic ‘Sacred Geography & Cosmic Geometry of Holy Places of Bharat’ was attended by an educator of the school . The resource person and his team having widely researched on the geography of Pilgrimages of India related our mythological facts with the calculated geography and tried to prove that nothing is unscientific in Indian traditions and values. In the session 9 Chakras were also explained elaborately starting from Nabhi to our Mastishk. He also gave scientific aspects of Panch tatv and that Lord Shiva is the supreme being.