Online Yoga Sessions-'A Call to Fitness'

A positive mind is a powerful mind and with the mind in the right frame, you can achieve a lot with your life.Thus to team up and connect towards framing strong mindset, build positive approach towards everything around along with physical fitness and mental wellbeing, Gwalior Glory High School has come up with an excellent initiative in the form of 'Let's Connect Programme'.

Yoga is the best way to maintain our physical and mental health. Yoga helps to build strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body.So to build a healthy Mind,Body and Soul 'Online Yoga sessions' is the first endeavour under the Let's Connect Programme. As the day dawned and witnessed the beautiful and refreshing morning the session was taken by the instructor- Ms Gauri Sharma. The Programme commenced on a beautiful note by the Principal highlighting on the benefits of healthy, fit and happy lifestyle.
These sessions will continue for a week and will surely help to witness yoga as therapy, yoga for health, yoga for mobility and strength.