Republic Day Celebrations

"Let every citizen,
From the east where the sun rises,
To the west where it sets,
North and south where
It has no footprints come together
And pay tribute to our national heroes."
With these underlying emotions and feelings everyone at Gwalior Glory High School celebrated Republic Day with great vigour, enthusiasm and patriotic fervour on 26th January 2020 to mark the 71st day of Republic. The occasion was graced by Hon. Chief Guest Col. J.S.Tanwar Kirti Chakra(15 M.P Battalion NCC).
The celebration began with the hoisting of the tricolour in the fore ground by the Honourable Chief Guest, Director Ms Anita Wadhwani and the Principal Dr Rajeshwari Sawant. It was followed by a spectacular, synchronized and majestic March past showcasing a lively Parade by our NCC cadets and Glorians aligned House wise.
The entire school's ambience was filled with patriotic feelings emanating from the motivational address by the Chief Guest echoing in the campus. This was followed by a musical rendition of patriotic song by the school choir followed by speech in English by Glorian Samriddhi Verma, highlighting the importance of Constitution followed by beautiful heart touching choreography by Glorians highlighting our dauntless and selfless soldiers fulfilling their challenging duties as one of the greatest assets of our country .
Last but not the least, Glorian Astha Jain highlighted the existence and importance of the Indian Constitution in the Hindi speech which was followed by the Felicitation ceremony for the 'Best House of The Year' rolling trophy ‘The Principal's Cup for the Session 2017-18 & 2018-19 was given to Himadri House (Junior segment) and Shivalik House (senior segment).
Thereafter, the celebration concluded with a very motivating address for our Glorian family by the Principal Dr Rajeshwari Sawant and sweet distribution among the children.