AUMPMUN 4.0 - Amity University

🎊Gwalior Glory High School won overall *BEST DELEGATION AWARD*🎊 AUMPMUN 4.0 was organised by Amity University and was held on 23rd-24th August in which around 40 schools and colleges, and around 200 delegates participated.
Gwalior Glory High School was successful in holding up the title of best delegation for the third year in a row. The team was mentored by MUN coordinator Ms. Kiran Kaur. The students participated enthusiastically, in 6 different committees.
The various awards 🏆won by our students in different committees are as follows -

🔸️High Commendation - United Kingdom - Shivam Tibrewal (IX)
🔸️ Verbal Mention - United States of America - Mauli Jain (XI)
🔸️Verbal Mention - North Korea - Harshavardhan Singh Tomar (IX)

🔸️ Best Delegation - Russian Federation - Siddhi Singh Raghuvanshi (IX)
🔸️High Commendation - United States of America - Riddhima Garg (VIII)
🔸️Special Mention - United Kingdom - Darshil Jain (VII)
🔸️Verbal Mention - Turkey - Vihan Dohare (VII)
🔸️Verbal Mention - India - Pranjal Pandey (VIII)

🔸️Best Delegate - Pakistan - Aditya Pratap Singh (X)

🔸️Special Mention - Palestine - Moksha Arrawatia
🔸️Honourable Mention - United States of America - Anshika Gupta (XII)

🔸️Honourable Mention - Mahua Moitra - Shuchi Laha (X)

🔸️Special Mention - Narendra Modi - Achal Saxena (XII)
🔸️Honourable Mention - Nitin Gadkari - Kratika Gupta (IX)