Initiatives By The School Promoting
‘Stay Home , Stay Safe And Keep Learning’

In the challenging phase during the pandemic of COVID 19 the process of teaching – learning has seen a paradigm shift into the Digital Platform . Teaching is not confined to four walls of a classroom but goes much beyond that. Knowledge is something which cannot be stopped in any situation. It is an ongoing process and this is rightly proved by the hard working teachers of the institution as their undying passion to shape the lives of students continues unhindered. Following are glimpses of the endeavors of online classes being conducted to strengthen the scholastics as well as co scholastic domains of the learners, efforts to encourage the young minds to nurture their creative potential and spreading awareness about ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe and Keep Learning’
Teachers teaching through Digital Mediums

We Care For You...
The impact on mental health during and after the COVID - 19 outbreak can be huge. Hence, prevention and intervention measures need to be taken on priority to ensure the mental health and well-being of the students. Keeping this in mind Gwalior Glory High School has taken the initiative of organizing Psychological Counselling Sessions by the Psychologist and Counsellor Ms. Sandhya Garg for the mental wellbeing of the Glorians during this lockdown period.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Save Lives

Ensuring that learning never stops, the E- learning classes received phenomenal response. Thanks for the acknowledgement !

"Alone we can do so little Together we can do so much"
Along with this underlying thought, 'The PTM' at Gwalior Glory High School looked a little different with the Digital connectivity, but it provided a great insight into the student's progress and was a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the parent-teacher relationship. In these trying times, parents gave the feedback & insight out of the short meeting on Virtual Mode. This “Remote learning” is new for teachers, parents, and students & this Virtual PTM calls in for a celebration for our success in combating world!

Poem by Shuchi Laha
'From the Voice of Me Within'- A poem with illustrations by Shuchi Laha , Student of Class IX - Gwalior Glory High School -Creative depiction of our responsibilities in the fight against the pandemic.

Earth Day

Earth Day remains one of the largest events the world has ever observed, and is only to continue to grow in future years to bring world attention to the severe environmental issues that will most certainly arise. It is absolutely critical that we take care of the Earth and its natural resources. Not only is Earth Day a time to celebrate that, it is a time to make a difference as well.
This difference can be seen clearly in the efforts, which are constantly made by our enthusiastic Glorians. They are shouldering their responsibility of caring for every aspect of nature. This presentation speaks about the heart provoking lyrics to show love towards animals and birds. Our motto is to inspire everyone and welcome them to join the chain of love, care, respect and being responsible.

Motivational Poem by Vidhi Goel

“In the midst of chaos there is always an opportunity too.” Redefine your approach through this motivational poem magnificently recited by Glorian Vidhi Goyal of Class IV. Through her poem she has advocated to stay positive and productive and also to uphold national integrity in this crucial time.

Video on Nature

One cannot imagine life without nature! It is our collective responsibility to make nature clean and safe for upcoming generations. Glorians have conveyed this cherishing message through their influential efforts that nature is the most intense connection we have in this world with our own true self. Animals, birds, trees and human beings all are integral part of this nature. We need to maintain a balance through nurturing each other.

Video on World Environment Day