'Karo Sambhav School Programme'- Initiative on E-Waste Management.

Deeper insight into waste and e-waste management was given to students of classes I to IX at Gwalior Glory High School by combining interdisciplinary approach integrating teaching with engaging activities instilling the skill of Collaboration, Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking and Computational Skill. Students participated in PPT Presentation, Campaigning, Poster Making, Group Discussion, Visits, Quiz, Made Rap Song etc.
The objective of the endeavour was to–
• Develop understanding of ‘Sustainable Consumption and Production’
• Inspire students to lead a sustainable life style
• Enable understanding of the concept of ‘Circular Economy’ and inspire students to take steps to contribute to a ‘Circular Economy’
• Develop understanding of Waste Management and Extended Producer Responsibility
• Develop understanding of the importance of responsible management of electronic waste and inspire students to spread awareness about responsible e-waste management
• Develop understanding of the environmental impacts of plastic waste and how each stakeholder can contribute to managing this waste
• Empowering students with skills to engage in climate change conversations
• Inspire students to take steps towards problem solving
The initiative concluded with drafting of Petition regarding E-waste Management in which the students stated the steps to be taken towards a Greener, Cleaner and Healthier country in which every citizen is aware and educated about his / her duties regarding plastic and e-waste management which are becoming a grave threat for the generation.

Class Declaration Chart Made by Students on Circular Economy

Computer Quiz Conducted for Students

Enthusiastic Participation in Fancy Dress Competition as 'Gadget'

Petition on E-waste Management

Students Sharing Their View on Sustainable Development

Students Creating E - Waste Awareness

Students Drawing Posters on 'Understanding of E-Waste Management among People'

Students Participating in Activity on 'Contribute to Sustainable Consumption and Production'

Students Participating in Activity Conducted to Evaluate Their Understanding about Waste Segregation

Students Participating in Rally on 'Ban Plastic'

Students Watching Video on Sustainable Development

Talk by Student on EPR in School Assembly