Induction Programme 2023-24

The Induction Programme was held at Gwalior Glory High School on Monday, March 27, 2023 for the parents of the new students admitted in school . The program began with the welcome address, delivered by the Principal. This induction was organized by the school to familiarize the parents about the functioning of the school, for their wards. It is essential that the first few steps taken into schooling are taken carefully as every child deserves a positive start to their education, thus a formal introduction by way of an induction policy was conducted so that every parent is clear about the procedure of the school. The parents were encouraged to give the right message to their children i.e. of motivation and reassurance.
The Induction Session included a detailed syllabus of all academic and co-curricular activities to be held at school.
The parents were given a know-how of all the school processes and various teaching methodologies being used to teach various topics in the scholastic and co-scholastic domains.
It was a fruitful programme for the parents as their induction to school norms was duly done, their queries and upcoming challenges were elucidated by the Principal, Dr. Rajeshwari Sawant.
GGHS team conveys best wishes to all for the upcoming session.