Glorian Alumni Naman Sharma

Gwalior Glory High School's Alumni of 2016 batch Naman Sharma has made everyone around him proud by qualifying for the post of Lieutenant in the Indian Army.He applied for the UPSC CDS Exam in 2021 and cleared the exam with flying colors and joined the Indian Military Academy.On 11th December 2021, he got commissioned in the Bihar Regiment. Naman Sharma has been a meritorious student.
His elder brother, an alumnus of Gwalior Glory High School, Tanik Sharma is also serving our country as a Flight Lieutenant in Indian Air Force. It is a very happy and proud moment for the School that the alumnus of our school is serving the country by devoting his body and soul to the service of the people and nation.
The Management, Principal, and school fraternity congratulate and bless him for his future endeavors and a successful journey ahead.

Glorian Alumni Harshit Sharma

‘Education is the master of success, but Moral Values & upbringing is the perseverance to make the success Static’ is what Glorian Alumni Harshit Sharma ( BATCH : 2014- 15) believes in and renders a heartfelt gratitude to the School Principal, staff and his teachers who mentored and helped him to make his mark as a renowned advocate High Court of MP (Gwalior bench) and an author. His latest book titled *Law, Poverty & Development* caters to the needs of students and learners of law.

Glorian Alumni Ms.Kriti Jain

My Name is Kriti Jain ( Class of 2009 ) and I am a passout of year 2009. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession. I have studied in Glory since my childhood. It was my only school and the best school one can ever wish for. The determination and dedication with which the teachers nurture you is commendable. Their teachings and guidance have always been a strong pillar in my foundation.
I can't thank enough our Principal and teachers for being a guiding light in my journey of life. This is the best time of your life as it was for me. Enjoy these days and use this time to realise your passion in life. The school actually provides such a dynamic environment for you to explore your abilities, so cherish it. All the best for your future.

Glorian Alumni Amay Dubey

Nothing warms my heart more than the memories I made when in school. Naturally, this is a feeling words cannot begin to express. It’s been more than 7 years since I graduated from school, and there hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t felt nostalgic. Nothing compares to the moments you have and the friends you make in school. And what makes it better, is that GGHS was the only place where I felt teachers really focused on making the students learn, rather than doing their job of just delivering a lecture without a sense of care. And wherever I have been, I have failed to find such an environment, which makes you want to learn, where teachers command respect, instead of demanding it.

I am currently working at Beam Solutions, Inc in Mountain View, California and pursuing my Master’s in Software Engineering at San Jose State University, California, US. I always strive to do better than myself because when you begin to think of yourself as having achieved something, then there's nothing left for you to work towards. And I truly believe that what I am, where I am, it has only been made possible by GGHS. I won’t be frugal in venerating my school and my teachers, because that’s something they deserve. And it would be but a platitude when I say that GGHS helped me achieve goals I only contemplated of.

Glorian Alumni Ms. Ankita Gaur ( Class of 2010 )

Academics : Bachelor of Commerce ( Delhi University), Chartered Accountant
Presently working - S. Ramanand Aiyar & Co. Chartered Accountant Connaught Place, New Delhi

Message for Students:
Stay focused towards your goal. Persistence and hard work is the key towards success.
School is first such place where one can unleash the true potential. Being an alumna of Gwalior Glory High School is a matter of great pride, I have learned the best lessons of my life here, had opportunity to learn from best teachers and earned best friends for life. I would dedicate a major part of my success today to my school that made me into what I am today.

Glorian Alumni Ms. Nandita Chaudhary ( Class of 2014 )

Academics : GD GOENKA UNIVERISTY, Gurgaon
Masters in organisational psychiatry and psychology from King’s College London

Message for Students:
Reason Why I Chose Psychology: - “The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is curiosity”. I believe that when the mind is allowed to think outside the pre-defined constraints of society, the different directions in which it can travel are infinite. The enigma of life has always fascinated me. The unabated technological advances in the field of science have opened up growth opportunities in newer dimensions. To shine in the revolutionary workplace of tomorrow, one has to have perfect combination of theory and practical knowledge. “When I came to secondary school I wanted to be a doctor. I was going to study biology, pick up a second major along the way, and go to medical school to become a rural practitioner. I soon realized that I was suffering from my own version of "Med. Student Syndrome." I did not think that I was sick, but I did realize that I was obviously delusional. I realized that I did not have the burning desire to become a medical doctor. The profession did not interest me; it was my perception of the profession that had caught my fancy. Luckily, by then I got the opportunity to study psychology in my higher secondary, so I understood what a good delusion was like.
As I studied psychology more and more, I found what excites me most of all were the investigation, dissection and understanding of problems that i saw around me in the world. I found psychology courses stimulated me to think and explore my world as I took courses in development, training, personality and behaviour analysis.
As I grew older, I recognized that psychology offered a way to fulfil my life’s ambition to help unhappy children and young people. It was for this reason that I chose to study for a bachelor degree in psychology and this provided me with an excellent theoretical foundation in the subject. I am eager to pursue masters in organisational psychiatry and psychology MSc at King’sCollege London because international exposure of psychology and its realms is very essential for growth in the highly competitive and progressive world and through this I want to understand the nuances of analysing and strategizing for sustainable long-term growth. My interest areas have always been to study human emotions and their psychology at workplace. I want to work with organizations who are involved in formulating policies with various interventions for the betterment of the people and to enhance their working potentials.
Its fortunate to say that I am a “Glorian”. Gwalior Glory High School is of the most reputed and highly ranked institution providing the perfect mix of academic as well as overall development to the student. As it is rightly said that “Education is the foundation upon which we build our future” – Christine Gregoire, Glory gave me that foundation and taught me the right attitude which determines one’s direction

Glorian Alumni Hitesh Tharwani ( Class of 2013 )

Academics : B.Tech in Civil Engineering from VIT University, Chennai
Awarded with the Best Outgoing Student of the University by Dr. Kiran Bedi.
Currently working at L&T Construction, Mumbai.

Message for Students:
A building is as strong as it's foundation and today when I look back, I realise that whatever I have achieved so far in life is because of the strong foundation my teachers helped me build at Gwalior Glory High School. I give credit for my achievement to my school and my parents.

Glorian Alumni Nikunj Agarwal (Class of 2010)

Academics : Academics : B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from MANIT, Bhopal
Academic Achievements:
IITJEE 2010 - AIR 6529
AIEEE 2010 - AIR 7330
GATE 2017 - AIR 351
Previous Experience: Worked 2 years as 'Engineer' at JK Tyre & Industries
Currently working as "Trainee Scientific Officer" at BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), Mumbai

Message for Students:
"You are the best judge of yourself". Don't just blindly decide what you want to do with your career, as you may have to live with that decision for more than 40 years. Worst way to go about it is, following other's lead, you must find a path which complements your strentghs and then work towards achieving your goal and then you must achieve every goal you aim for in your field because "Ace of one field is better than Jack of all fields". I would also like to suggest for your exams, do as much efforts as it take to make you honestly feel that 'yes, now my preparation is complete', do this and you'll never have regrets.

Glorian Alumni Shikhar Gupta(Class of 2011)

Academics : B.Tech , M.Tech in Renewable Energy System from Halmstad University, Sweden

Message for Students:
I just want to thank my teachers and want to share my experience with my juniors that please take your teacher's advice seriously and use their experience. This is what I have learnt from my past instances. Thank you


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